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Complete Guide to Fresh Yeast: Uses, Storage, and Differences from Dry Yeast

Discover everything about fresh yeast: how to use it in delicious recipes, the best practices for storing it, and the differences from dry yeast. Take ...

Neapolitan Panuozzo, history and recipe…

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Pizza recipe bonci leavening 8 hours

Is it possible to make the bonci pizza recipe with 8 hour leavening? The answer is yes, just pay close attention and the pizza is done. Sometimes we get the ...

Homemade Roman-style “direct dough” pan pizza recipe

Roman-style pan pizza is a delicious and popular variation of traditional pizza. Characterized by a soft and slightly crunchy base, this pizza stands out for ...

Bonci’s Pizza, 24 hours fermentation pizza dough.

Bonci’s Pan Pizza, it goes without saying, is a sensational recipe! Its dough leaves you speechless: it’s so fluffy that it seems to spread out by itself. ...

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  1. Thanks for the question, it’s preferable to put the top (drier) one underneath to avoid it sticking to the pan

  2. Ciao e grazie per la domanda, i lieviti sono la parte più importanti i lieviti che ti consiglio sono Lievito di birra fresco (quello a cubetto di solito 25g), Lievito di birra secco (quello nella bustina da 7g) Lievito madre solido o liquido. Sulla ricetta base ti consiglio 1g di secco o 3g di fresco o 100/150g di licoli o solido dipende dalla forza